Best Garden Renovation Idea: Artificial Grass

Best Garden Renovation Idea: Artificial Grass

Many Home owners in European countries love to keep large lawns and beautiful gardens where their kids and pets can run around and play and also it feels so good to walk around. Making your home close to nature has some refreshing effect. Imagine coming back from work, having a long day. Wouldn’t you like to go to your garden, lay on the grass and just relax?  That is why people invest so much of their time, energy and money in building a garden that would bring the essence at their homes. This is one of the reasons why artificial grass gained so much popularity.

But that doesn’t mean people with constricted living space cannot enjoy walking on the green lush. If you are living in a small apartment and planning to give your boring balcony a refreshing new look, artificial grass can be a great stuff to start with. They look just like real grass but minus the trouble and maintenance that comes with keeping lawns with keeping natural grass.

Why artificial grass over natural grass?

There are a ton of reasons why you should be replacing your natural grass with the artificial ones. Given below are just a few of them.


The most important point perhaps. Lawn owners know it better on how much work it goes on keeping the grass fresh and green. Watering them every day, looking after their nutritional requirement for their health growth and mowing them when they grow too long are some of them. Some people spend on hiring special services for taking care of all that work. On the other hand, artificial grass requires none of that hassle. They won’t grow. They stay evergreen. And yes they make you happy.

Easy on Pets

One common concern that arises is cleaning the grass when pets go about to mind their business. Pets easily adapt to the new kind of grass and start pooping and urinating in their favourite corners just like they would do in the normal grass. Cleaning is simple. One needs to rinse the area with warm soap water to avoid any bad odour. Artificial grass is manufactured with materials that are pet friendly. The porous nature allows the water to drain off easily.

Hardy Material

Kids and energetic pets sometimes go rough while playing. But it does not damage the artificial turf. It has nylon mixture along with its derivatives are tightly attached to the base. Moving around heavy objects will not destroy it.  It might need some occasional brushing though.

Also it can withstand harsh environment. Continuous rainfalls, snowfalls or hot summer days, artificial grass will not cause any disappointment.


Grass that stays green and trimmed all year long without doing much can be a perfect choice for people with fast paced lives. They not only look beautiful but also soft to touch. Just like real grass. Grounds with real grass may not have them grown evenly due to uneven distribution of nutrients in the soil. So there might be dead spots here and there that destroy the look. With artificial grass, dense and even throughout, your guests won’t frown.


Things to know before buying artificial grass

  • Quality of material used- ensure that your turf is lead free, as it tends to be n old material used for making the turf. Lead is harmful for pets.
  • UV warranty- confirm with the manufacturer or seller that UV rays of the sun won’t damage it
  • Look and feel-is it dense? Does it feel like plastic? Do a self inspection before buying. Avoid buying online
  • Authorised dealer and consultant- Only Opt for sellers who are certified and have some reputation in the market.

Installation process of artificial grass

Artificial turf is installed in 3 steps mainly.

  1. Preparing the land for grass installation. Measure the dimensions. Clear any rocks, existing turf and other objects.
  2. Installation of chats on which the grass will sit.
  3. Installation of turf

It is needless to say, artificial grass outperforms the real grass in many aspects. So save yourself some money for few years and gift yourself a relaxing life at home, renovate your lawn with synthetic turf.


Artificial Grass Installation For Your Lawn

Looking for Artificial Grass Decoration for Your Lawn? Visit Astro Turf And Get One Of Your Choices At Best Prices!

Looking to change your garden area in a beautiful and transformed one but dealing with no time issue? No need to worry about this, you can switch to a different and unique way known as artificial gardening or artificial designing of your garden. There are various service providers available that are providing these artificial services to their customers excellently. If you do not have enough time to give your garden an attention you may avail these services for you. They are excellent and efficient both in a long run.

Artificial grasses are one of these services, getting an artificial grass for your garden will give it a different and unique look. Although it is a bit different from the original grass, but its looks and appearances are quite same. Getting an artificial grass will be actually beneficial for you in numerous aspects. There are various types of advantages of these artificial grasses, they are nowhere behind when it comes to the appearance compared to the real grass, other than this looks factor there are numerous other factors too that are very efficient and effective. There are numerous companies that are frequently providing these artificial deigning services, Astro Turf is one of them.

Advantages of artificial grasses:

These types of grasses are usually known by numerous names and synonym in different part of the world like Turf green grasses, artificial grasses, fake grasses and many more. These grasses are usually design in a way that it looks quite similar to the original grasses. One of the prominent service providers known as Astro Turf also provide same advantages as mentioned here.  There are numerous types of benefits are obtained from these artificial grasses, some of them are mentioned below:

  • In such grasses, there is no need of watering where in an original grass; there is a requirement of proper watering and care. In these artificial grasses you are not necessitated to pour water or perform weeding etc, they are properly decorated and maintained in a way that needs no extra effort.
  • They are compatible for the small areas where large grasses may create trouble, for such places, these artificial grasses can be the best option so far due to its fixed and adequate size respect to the lawn or garden.
  • Slippery surfaces generally occurred around pool side areas, setting these artificial grasses there will surely reduce such events. Therefore, using these artificial grasses on such areas will surely prevent the events of slips on wet surfaces.
  • The only method they need is to broom them within a suitable time period, with proper broom practice, the accumulated leaf litters will be removed efficiently and you will get your original style of grass back again as it was before.
  • Longevity of such grasses are commendable, they usually stays for the decades without any problem. They are lasting than any other method, using these artificial grasses is best as they can stay for decades even as the same position like they had been bought.


Application of these artificial grasses:

Due to numerous benefits that one can obtain from using these artificial grasses, there are varieties of places where these grasses are frequently being used. It is not only limited to the home lawns or gardens, you can efficiently use these grasses at numerous other places except your resident.

There are some of the well known applications of these fake grasses are mentioned below:

  • You can use them around pool areas of homes or buildings, using these fake grasses there is extremely beneficial as it prevents the events of slips due to wet surface areas.
  • Sporting clubs may also use them as they are lasting and takes less maintenance efforts. As grasses of these sports clubs usually get damage very soon due to frequent sport events. In such case, these grasses will be extremely beneficial and effective.
  • Rooftops apartment gardens can be another beneficial application where these fake grasses are prominently in use.
  • They are also used in numerous stadiums and playgrounds. Getting them there is quite beneficial and compatible.

Though there are numerous types of artificial grasses available in many online service providers, Astro Turf is one of them. If you are looking for the best artificial grasses get one from here at reasonable prices. Order your free artificial grass samples today to review the amazing types of products we have to offer.

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